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Zoom into the future Integrated Monitoring and Outlook Framework for Zero Pollution

The European Commission announced the development of an integrated Zero Pollution Monitoring and Outlook Framework offering new insights into overall pollution levels and impacts and by monitoring whether policy implementation is on track to achieve agreed objectives at EU and national level. Such a Zero Pollution Monitoring will be part of the monitoring for the 8th Environment Action Programme and will regular Environment Implementation Reviews. Moreover, the Zero Pollution Outlook will analyse synergies and trade-offs between different EU policies, help translate ‘early warnings’ into recommendations on pollutants of increasing concern based on the latest research findings.
How can such a tool help strengthen the links between environment and health (e.g. as outlined in the Beating Cancer Action Plan)?
What are the links to the Climate and Energy Governance and its monitoring? 
What are the links with the strategic foresight agenda set by the European Commission?  
The panel will discuss these and other questions linked to Zero Pollution Monitoring and Outlook.


  • Marius Vaščega, Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Sinkevičius - Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, European Commission
  • Stephen Quest, Director General of the Joint Research Centre , European Commission
  • Dr Hans Bruyninckx, Executive Director of the European Environment Agency ( EEA)


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