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TRAPPED BY PLASTIC Screening of a short documentary followed by a debate on how we can end marine plastic pollution

We are saturated with alarmist images about the state of our planet.  Sadly many react with indifference or a sense of helplessness.  But in the short documentary film ‘Trapped by Plastic’ we experience a powerful, distinctive ‘call to action’: photographer Mandy Barker uses strikingly colourful, intricate images to confront viewers with unpalatable truths about marine plastic pollution. 

This is a powerful conversation starter: our panelist will explore how we can challenge complacency, reconcile contradictions and accelerate the pace of positive change. How can we stop putting more plastic into oceans well before 2050?  What’s the role of policy makers, business, NGOs and artists? And importantly, how do young people generate momentum to achieve this ambitious but critical goal?



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High level session
Film on plastic ocean pollution, followed by panel debate
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