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Matthias Keller

Presiding Judge Dr.
Matthias Keller

Professional Career:
1992        Judge at the Administrative Law Court in Aachen
1997        Doctorate in Administrative Law at Würzburg University    
1999-2003    Lecturer in the Robert-Schuman-Project of the European Commission 
2004         Presiding Judge at the Administrative Law Court in Aachen
2006        Judge-Mediator in Administrative Disputes
2017        Lecturer (EU Law / Admin. Law) at Aachen University of Applied Science
•    Fellow of the European Law Institute, ELI
•    Düsseldorf Examination Bord for the Graduation of Jurists in Public Law (Bar Exam)
•    Founding Member of the German branch of the “Association Henri Capitant des amis de la culture juridique française – Allemagne e.V.
•    Chairman of Forum ad Mosam (Association of Judges from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germa-ny)
•    Member of the Working Group "Environmental Law" within the Association of European Adminis-trative Judges (AEAJ)
•    Member of the EU Expert Group of Academics on Access to Justice in Environmental Matters