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Fraile Maria Olga

Head of Industrial Sustainability Area
Fraile Maria Olga

Ms. MARIA OLGA FRAILE is the Head of the Industrial Sustainability Area since 2019. 
She is currently the focal point for Industrial Emissions and the Registry of Emissions and Pollutant Sources, PRTR. She also participates as a representative of the Ministry in the normative revision of the IED and the EPRTR regulations, that are carried out by the European Commission.
She is currently participating in several technical working groups of the E. COM for the revision of sectorial reference documents (BREF) and Best Available Techniques, among them the chemical industry gas treatment, and slaughterhouses and animal by-products.

She is a civil servant, who joined this Ministry of Ecological Transition since 2006. She has carried out the environmental assessment of state strategic planning and energy projects (thermal power plants, refineries,gas pipelines, power lines, etc.). 

Previously, her work in the private sector took place in several multinational companies for ten years.

She holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales de Madrid (Spain).She has a specialization in environmental defense techniques and a Master in energy audits.