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Duarte Mata

Adviser for Green Infrastructure Directorate
Duarte Mata

Born at 1976, Landscape Architect from Lisbon University, acted as a researcher from 2000 to 2007 and meanwhile was a privade landscape designer, participating in several projets and plans. Since 2010 he is currently working on Urban Climate Adaptation and Nature-Based Solution public policies, as adviser of the Deputy Mayor for Green Infrastructure, Climate, Energy and Environment at Lisboa City Council. Ecological Thinker and Green Policy Adviser, he acts as a Climate Governance advisor on green infrastructure issues. 
Since 2014, he was close to tue process of Lisbon's Green Capital Award, namelly the 2020 winning edition.  
He was Lisbon's Mayor's Adapt Mentor City 2015 coordinator, contributor for LIFE LUNGS (2019-2024) for Climate Adaptation at Green Infrastructure in Lisbon and for H2020 SC5-13-2018-2019b "CONEXUS" for Nature-Based SOLUTIONS on the framework of EU-CELAC: Lisbon's team