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Organiser: European Environment Agency & Directorate General for Environment, European Commision

Since 2007, the E-PRTR (European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register) has provided EU-wide data on the environmental performance of some 30,000 industrial facilities. That performance data takes the form of annual mass releases to air, water and land for each facility as well as waste transfers. It also includes information on the geographical location of facilities. It covers 65 economic activities and 91 key pollutants (including heavy metals, pesticides, greenhouse gases and dioxins). Data has been accessible and searchable through this publicly available website. E-PRTR’s main purpose is to provide access to environmental information – thus enacting, for the EU, the requirements of the Kyiv Protocol (under the Aarhus convention). 

However, most E-PRTR facilities are also regulated under the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED; 2010/75/EU) – requiring installations to have a permit and operate in accordance with BAT (Best Available Techniques). IED has its own reporting requirements and, up until now, that has been a separate reporting stream. That gap will be addressed by the new Industrial Emissions Portal which will enable public access to both the regulatory information for IED installations and the associated E-PRTR performance data.

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