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Rick Thompson

Rick Thompson

Rick worked for BBC News for 27 years, first as a reporter, presenter and producer, then holding senior positions at the local, regional, national, and international levels. He was Editor Newsgathering for BBC World Service Radio and Television, and helped to launch the 24-hour channel “BBC World”. For four years he produced the main BBC TV evening news programme, and before that was the Foreign News Editor for BBC Television.  

Now Rick works as an independent consultant running his own business, T-Media, which specialises in the development of high-quality broadcasting in Europe. 

He is a writer on the use of English and on wildlife and environment subjects; his new book 'Park Life' celebrates urban green spaces. Since leaving the BBC, Rick has been asked to moderate or facilitate many EU conferences and round-tables for the European Commission and is a founder member of the Moderators Europe network. He has particular interest in the environment, biodiversity, climate change and communicating Europe.