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Naomi Timmer

Naomi Timmer

Naomi Timmer is director of H2O-People and its' Flagship Programme the European Junior Water Programme.
Naomi have been active for almost 10 years in the water management sector as a programme manager for several personal development programmes in the Dutch water sector. Since 2019 she is creator and director of the European Junior Water Programme to share the knowledge and enthousiasm of a holistic leadership approach within an European context.

In her prior career, she served as a project and communication consultant for several government bodies and NGOs, and as campaign manager during the provincial council elections.

She is a bit of a stranger in the water sector with a Master in political science and a Bachelor’s degree in religious studies, she specialized in Religion and Violence. She always thought she accidentally turned up into the water sector until she heard Kofi Annan at Making Waves (7 September 2017) conference in The Netherlands connecting the work on water, with the complexities of todays challenges. And see the interlinkage of water, culture and conflict. And the need for a more holistic approach in the water sector. To create more empowerment and social grounded transformations.