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Elisa Galvan-Mondié

Director FLOWi Bonds I Cities
Elisa Galvan-Mondié

Elisa GM is an award-winning Sustainable Finance and Green Bonds professional. Over the past decade, her focus has been on helping foster heart-connected, smart & regenerative cities through deal structuring, technical advisory & tech for good partnerships.
She is the Director of FLOWi, an Impact Finance Advisory firm which helps companies & municipalities with Green Bond turnkey services, capacity building, impact disclosure and private investor outreach. 
Prior to forming FLOWi, as ESG/bonds advisor at Sustainalytics, she helped advance the Sustainable Bonds market with issuers and underwriters by executing bond frameworks & second party opinions. Elisa was also responsible for advising a portfolio of 30+ asset owners & asset managers in Europe, with an edge in engagement & materiality, thematic & impact investment strategies across asset classes. Before this, with Paris Municipality Urban lab, she led pilot-testing programmes with 80+ startups in service of vulnerable populations and the planet during the COP21 period. Elisa started her career 14 years ago in London with a Stewardship focused think tank and in the project finance space with banks Intesa Sanpaolo (BancaIMI) & Natixis. There, she appraised & executed 25+ deals valued at € 3.5 billion in the energy, green transport, utilities & social infrastructure space.
She recently moved to Brussels near the woodlands with her family and is a respondent to the new EU Green Bond Standard & EU taxonomy consultations.