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Local pollution - nature-based solutions to the rescue!

In collaboration with ICLEI

Nature-Based Solutions have been shown to offer not only some of the most cost-effective ways of tackling pollution at the local level, but also to provide a wide range of secondary benefits for citizens and biodiversity. And yet so often they are overlooked in favour of  large-scale grey infrastructure and technical solutions. Why is this? Can nature really help reduce local pollution? What can be done to ensure the spread of successful nature based solutions across Europe? Come and be inspired by city leaders and technical experts in their field, showing real-world examples of how we can help tackle pollution using nature-based solutions, and at the same time transform our cities for the better.


  • Pekka Timonen, Mayor of Lahti 
  • Duarte Mata, Climate & Green Infrastructure Advisor, city of Lisbon 
  • Iva Bedenko, Architect, Office of Strategic Planning, City of Zagreb 
  • Fabio Masi, Environmental Chemist, Managing Director, Iridra


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