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How can Horizon Europe help to reach our Zero Pollution goal ?

Improved knowledge and innovations will be key to the success of the zero-pollution ambition of the European Green Deal to halt and prevent pollution.
Horizon Europe in its first work programme (2021-22) starts ensuring prevention and removal of pollution, supporting healthy soil, air and fresh water for all, both in ruban and rural areas, as well as healthy marine waters. This is to be achieved through better understanding of planetary boundaries and deployment of innovative technologies, notably in primary production, forestry and bio-based systems.
R&I will support EU environmental legislation and policies that target a higher level of protection for biodiversity, soil, water, air and marine resources, including the Birds and the Habitats directives, the pollinators initiative, the revised soil thematic strategy, the EU Water Framework Directive, the maritime policy and the EU Arctic policy.
This session will explore how the next phase of Horizon Europe (2023-24) can further accelerate relevant R&I to ensure that we achieve the objectives of the zero pollution ambition.


  • Anna Lisa Boni, Secretary General , Eurocities
  • Prof. Roel Vermeulen, director of the Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences (IRAS) at Utrecht University and the UMC Utrecht
  • Dr Sinaia Netanyahu, Researcher at WHO European Center


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