WiC - Water is Culture

Collaborating with local Institutions for green renewal of a small town, in a Land and Marin Protected Area we present seminaries and researches involving citizens, students, divers to realize an archaeological submarine touristic itinerary. Leaving the Euphorbia and Ficus plants on the coast we dive into Posidonia, following geological structures, discovering how water holds contemporary and ancient culture. Sustainable waterscape projects collocate Isola in a network of regional water tracks
Useful information: 
Isola delle Femmine (district of Palermo, Italy) is small Green Blue Town. The old urban area incorporates natural systems: mountains, coastal sector, sea. There are actually 2 system of Protected area: Land (1997) and Marine reserve (2002). The island is a strategic point during the migrations: birds stop to regain their strength especially the Cormorant, the Gray heron, the Kingfisher and the Little Egret and many small passerines; some of them are also nesting, such as the Red-tailed Codirosso, the Cappellaccia and the Wagtail, in addition to the raptors of the surrounding areas such as the Poiana and the peregrine falcon. In addition to the different species of birds, there are also the rural lizard, the Biacco, the wild rabbit, numerous colorful butterflies such as the Icarus and the Zygaena along with several beetles. The Marine Reserve Area includes some of the most interesting backdrops that surround the island, whose main feature is given by the variety of environments. The objectives of the Marine protected area of Capo Gallo- Isola delle Femmine concern environmental defense of the marine area, protection and the promotion of biological and geomorphological resources of the area, dissemination of knowledges about ecology and biology of marine and sea coast environments, carrying out educational programs for the improvement of general knowledge in the field of ecology and marine biology. The realization of scientific researches in the fields of ecology, marine biology and environmental defense are compatible with promotion of socio-economic development, naturalistic landscape, traditional local activities. As part of the promotion of development compatible with the above purposes, the regulation of activities related to the channeling of tourist flows, guided tours and collective transport, will provide that these activities are carried out primarily or exclusively by residents and enterprises established in the municipalities falling in marine protected. The new urbanistic planning is hoping to give light to the local ecological values and amenities across project of cooperation between citizens, tourist and university. The synergy could give the chance to protect the environment, to preserve art historical and archaeological artefacts. Projects includes new coast boulevard, new port, restoration of public buildings. There are some landscape and waterscape archaeological level that need to be connected to the efficiency of the Green Blue Citiy of Isola. Historical Land tower and Marine Tower, Roman and Late Roman settlements with fishpond and fisheries on the East Coast of the Island. Our prospections of the last year individuated amphora fragments and anchors. In the program of guided tour, the underwater cultural heritage one is missing. We would like to put in light also, as well explained by the biologist that the Marine reserve hold a great Posidonia oceanica which represents the most productive coastal ecosystem. The so called Neptune Grass is another Green Part of this nice town to preserve! We think that the combination of all the knowledge and awareness between marine biology, geology and underwater archaeology could help the renewal of all Green Cities. In the water we have culture, in its overall meaning. WIC ACTIVITIES 2018 WiC 2018 includes CMAS Underwater Archaeology Courses in the ambit of the Project Waterscape in Sicily, a collaboration beteen Federation ITA F07 A.CDCI. CMAS Diving Center Italia - Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques, LAS - Laboratorio di Archeologia Subacquea of Cultural Heritage Dept., University of Padova, with the high patronage and partecipation of Soprintendenza del Mare Regione Siciliana, Assessorato dei Beni culturali e dell’Identità siciliana, Dipartimento dei Beni culturali e dell’Identità siciliana, Comune di Isola delle Femmine, with the collaboration of Diving Center Jacques Cousteau and Progetto Mare. The scientific activity will be dedicated mainly to underwater research with the creation of an underwater archaeological itinerary. It will therefore necessary to identify the noteworthy finds, document them (photos, drawings, cards, positioning), arrange the numbering and recognition cards, connect the topographical points of the route using a line, perform surveys with measurements, orienteering, scale drawing, videos. There will also be a special coast to coast session of free diving surveys in shallow water; it is aimed to verify the presence of sporadic ancient pottery whose shape and chronology can be identified and directed to the understanding of the geomorphological context of the archaeological area. I. Participation in the course allows the acquisition of University Credits, delivering, before the beginning of the course, the documentation of the University of belonging with approval by the tutors. II. The course is also open to those who will not dive, provided that they can not achieve the patents. III. A certificate of participation is expected for all IV. Participation has registration process and has a charge, including: 1. THEORETICAL - PRACTICAL COURSE (Headquarters Jacques Cousteau Diving, Via Cristoforo Colombo 13, Isola delle Femmine, Palermo) 2. DIVING with exercises (including cylinders, seals, diving boat, oxygen kit assistance, hot showers, toilets, equipment storage) 3. PATENTS (correctly passing the required tests) 4. CERTIFICATE of participation in the course 5. MANUAL 6. DIDACTIC KIT 7. SEMINAR Marine biology 8. ACCESS Protected Marine Area Capogallo - Isola delle Femmine with Diving Jacques Cousteau 9. PARTICIPATION WAS 2018 Project 10. INSURANCE and membership fee for ASD Jacques Cousteau