Traces of waste - a trip to Lęczyca

A trip for Stargard's inhabitants to the Regional Municipal Waste Treatment Plant in Łęczyca (RIPOK). Participants will see the way of the municipal waste before recycling. Transport: 2 buses in the motning: at 10:00 and 12:30 While we are going to RIPOK,we will talk about waste and the need to segregate.After that, the participants will be guided by the ZZO worker on the waste treatment installation. Participants will learn what is happening with their waste,and how important is recycling
Useful information: 
Zarząd Usług Komunalnych w Stargardzie (ZUK) is a budgetary unit, operating on the municipality of Stargard. The Director of ZUK is Mrs Katarzyna Rybaczuk.