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passathon 2021 - RACE FOR FUTURE

passathon 2021 - RACE FOR FUTURE

The passathon — RACE FOR FUTURE makes it possible to experience sustainable buildings in a new way. 540 plus energy buildings, passive houses and "klimaaktiv" gold buildings can be found all over Austria, extra climate friendly with the bicycle. Single family houses, schools, office buildings and many more can be explored. passathon offers a huge variation of architecture. Due to COVID 19, people can participate at the passathon with the "Österreich radelt" App, to reduce any danger.

The campaign shall show the multiplicity of sustainable buildings and their contribution to climate protection. By participating in the passathon, you are not only witnessing sustainable buildings but also being sustainable yourself, by using your bike to explore the route. After months of isolation, enjoy being active outside and discover beautiful places in Austria.

To participate you need to install the "Österreich radelt" App on your smartphone and register for the passathon. The App will show you all 26 tours all over Austria. It will help you to find the passathon lighthouse projects in your surroundings. After you collect a project, it will show you some extra details. The most active collectors will win the passathon Trophy 2021. You can participate in the passathon until October 16th 2021."

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Ing. Günter Lang - LANG consulting / passathon - RACE FOR FUTURE