Building greener and more liveable cities: the role of zero emission construction sites

Zero emission construction sites are key to making cities greener, healthier and more livable. Europe can rid itself of vast amounts of pollution by targeting electrification of construction machinery. This event gathers policy makers, industry and NGOs in a common dialogue, drawing on best practices from Norway. Oslo city representatives, voted EU Green Capital 2019, will together with EU policy makers and industry actors discuss solutions and barriers towards zero emission construction sites.
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Practicalities: This event is free of charge and open to the public. The target audience is EU-, national- and local policy makers, industrial companies, financial institutions, and civil society. Further information relating to the practicalities and registration will be made available on Bellona's website and social media pages in the coming month. Event Structure and Agenda: The event will be a combination of speeches, panel discussion, and Q&A interaction with the audience. Among the speakers will feature Raymond Johansen, Oslo Governing Mayor; representative from DG GROW Unit on Automotive and Mobility Industries, as well as representatives from Bellona, Omsorgsbygg (Oslo Municipal Undertaking for the Social Service Buildings), Nasta, and Siemens.