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The Brewers of Europe Forum

The Brewers of Europe Forum

The Forum presents 4 days of fascinating sessions, including a whole day dedicated to brewing sustainably.

This will be led by a discussion on zero pollution, as well as presenting the hugely exciting innovations and advances in brewing beer towards the EU’s green ambitions.


  • The beer product environmental footprint tool to evaluate how to achieve further emission reductions.
  • How revalorisation of secondary products helps cut pollution
  • Beer packaging for circularity

JUNE 4 - day 4 of the Brewers of Europe Forum:

9:30-10:45 - From policy to practice: Zero-Pollution Brewing

The sustainability ambitions of Europe’s beer sector are aligned with those of the EU’s Green Deal and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, organised in partnership with the young MEP network EU40 and the European Parliament’s Beer Club.

11:30 - 13:30 - Measuring and further improving beer’s footprint

As the EU works towards legislation on Green claims and declarations, the beer sector has multiple fascinating case studies of brewers and others within the beer value chain fully integrating sustainability into their businesses, pursuing improvements at every step of the way.

13:30-14:30 - Beer packaging as a leader for circularity

There’s no beer without packaging. Containers are essential for brewers to provide safe and fresh delivery of beers to their consumers. Cans, bottles, kegs. Whatever your beer comes in, almost completely it can be returned, re-used and recycled.  The brewing sector has led the way for many years, continues to make advancements and is often seen as the reference for other sectors looking to improve.

15:00-16:30 - Raising the bar: future of sustainable beer

Join Marverine Cole, award winning BBC journalist, broadcaster and beer sommelier, as she discusses some of the biggest trends across the brewing sector with panellists from around Europe. From sustainability and the “green recovery” from Covid-19, to innovation in flavours and manufacturing, and the changing shape of the modern-day beer drinker.

This panel will also launch the new “Raising the Bar” series, produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, which will be taking a look at the brewing sector across Europe over the next 12 months.

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