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The event contribution to zero pollution is the recovery of different electronic type residue, in order to help with low carbon footprint, since otherwise this residue would end in the trash. For this we have people with the corresponding legal certification, and, in the end, the recovered devices will be donated to other associations who need them.

Two other NGOs and the Blanca Club de Senderismo will recover a recreational area in a local environmental space, cleaning it from garbage and, later painting tables and banks so that the local community can enjoy that environment again. And, the Blanca Club de Piragüísmo will carry out a cleaning task at the margin of the Segura river, in order to withdraw all possible waste and that helps on protecting the biodiversity of the area.

All these activities will be coordinated by our association with the City Council of Blanca, in order to fight against pollution as much as possible and help with on carbon footprint reduction.

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