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Bee the change

Bee the change

This educational path aims to indirectly promote the civic sense of coexistence and collaboration, necessary elements in an eco-sustainable society. Talking about bees and honey also means to bring children and their family to reflect on the right balance between human and nature.

We aim to inspire children and their families closer to the world of bees, and their organized society with precise roles and rules, letting them discover a natural world and overcome the fear as a dangerous insect. Last but not least, honey will be promoted as a healthy snack.

The event will be free and will be organized at the Moretti’s organic farm, where an expert beekeeper and environmental educator, through the use of appropriate beekeeping equipment (didactic hive) will emotionally and physically involve children in the observation of bees and their society.

The beekeeper will explain the natural world of bees and their environment, how they benefit the community and effective ways to keep the bee population in local areas healthy. The meeting will be enriched with thematic play activities, in particular readings and stories, and a visit to the farm for discovering the production and processing of food.

In particular, the event will end with the demonstration of the honey extraction process and a snack based on freshly extracted honey.

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Macerata - Italy
Associazione ODV "Genitori&Figli, per mano" / G&Fpm
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