Is your city delivering the best for your citizens and businesses?

Green cities do better. They are healthy, with clean air, green spaces, safe drinking water, and offer a great quality of life to the people that live there.

Green cities give better value to its businesses, stimulating economic growth, innovation and creating jobs. Green cities are inclusive, with all actors having a say and co-creating them. Green cities become possible when everyone is engaged!

Every city can be a green city. Many, like the European Green Capital Award or European Green Leaf Award winners, have started the transition and are already seeing the benefits.

Why not take the first step?

Take the test to see how your city is performing in key environmental areas and get advice on what you could change to make it greener


Success stories


Do you have ideas or experiences on how to develop a city in a sustainable way that you would like to share with others? Why not organise a partner event or participate in one that is already planned by somebody else?
Numerous events, taking place from April to June, will look at various challenges facing cities, from air quality, to noise, waste or water management, and urban planning and so on, including the role citizens can play in making cities greener. They will provide an opportunity to network, share and learn from best practices. Many events will be livestreamed on our webpage.