Exhibition details

The theme of this year's Green Week is Green Cities for a Greener Future. The Green Week exhibition will provide cities, organisations and companies with the opportunity to present their products, projects and policies, to share experiences and best practices, to network and exchange points of view. The venue for Green Week 2018 is the Bluepoint Conference Centre, Boulevard A. Reyers 80, 1030 Brussels, Belgium.

Exhibition stands

There will be approximately 20 stands in the exhibition area; this is a limited number, due to reasons of safety and ease of access requirements inside the venue. Therefore, competition for stands will be quite high and stand applications will be carefully screened.

Please note therefore that we are looking for exhibitions which will display innovative ideas or best practices in an interactive and interesting way in line with the Green Week theme. If the application is not relevant to the theme or if the organisation submitting the application has no immediate or obvious association with Green Cities, the application will not be considered.

Representation from all the different types of stakeholders concerned will be taken into account, as will the number of times the applicant has been allocated a stand in previous years (i.e. new exhibitors who have not had a stand before at Green Week will be given priority).

Exhibitors will not be charged a registration fee or a rental fee for a stand area but they will have to provide their own stands, pop ups, material and computers, as well as any other technical equipment.

Stand design

Each individual stand area will be approximately 2mx1.5m in size and 2,5m in height and will include one table, three stools, and a back panel for signage/stand name plus LED spotlights.

There will be an Internet connection for computer equipment (Wifi); exhibitors may bring their own laptops or computers, or they may hire a computer from our exhibition contractor (at their own expense). There will also be electricity sockets on each stand. Extra furniture or equipment can also be hired from our exhibition organiser; details and specific forms will be sent to those applicants who are allocated a stand.

All applications must state explicitly what will be displayed and any extra equipment foreseen or required other than that provided by the organisers. No part of the exhibit may extend beyond the boundaries of the stand area allocated. All stand designs will be subject to the approval of the organisers. Activities on the stand which may disturb or inconvenience any other exhibitor (noise, for instance) or services (e.g. caterers, security) will also be subject to prior written approval (this means things such as music, use of animation and sound equipment, picture taking, promotional gimmicks, and so on). NB The exhibition space MUST be manned at all times during Green Week conference hours.


Applications for a stand area must be made using this form: application form. They will be sent automatically when you press the 'submit' button'. The deadline for applications is 5 March 2018. Acknowledgement of receipt of applications will be confirmed by email by DG Environment at the latest by 15 March 2018; if you have not received anything two weeks after the deadline please contact us via the email address : ENV-EXPO-GREENWEEK@ec.europa.eu .

Stand allocation

Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance. Priority will be given to stands that correspond to the criteria set out above, i.e. that are imaginative and interactive, and that fit best with the Green Week theme. The decision on the allocation of stands will be made at the end of March 2018. Notification of the allocation of stands will be sent to successful applicants at the beginning of April together with further instructions and a contacts form.