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Burning wood to heat our homes: challenges & solutions to limit indoor and outdoor air pollution

Wood-based bioenergy in domestic heating can lead to high levels of air pollution if inefficient appliances and/or fuels are used. Since these emissions often take place in densely populated areas, impacts on health can be substantial. Eco-design requirements are set to limit air pollutants emissions from new appliances put on the market. However, air pollutant emissions also depend on consumers’ behaviours in terms of use and maintenance of the devices. The session would gather speakers from the environment and health communities, bioenergy appliances associations and local authorities, and would allow to gather views on best practices, technology improvements, consumer information needs and possible further regulatory needs to assess and reduce air pollution from this sector.


  • Vlatka Matkovic, Senior Health and Energy Officer, Health and Environmental Alliance (HEAL)
  • Guido Lanzani, Head of Air Quality Unit, Environmental Monitoring Area of ARPA Lombardia (Lombardy Regional Protection Agency)
  • Rein Gelten, Secretary General, CEFACD (EU representative of individual heating and cooking appliances producers)
  • Patrick Huth, Clean Heat Project Coordinator 
  • François Wakenhut, Head of Unit, Directorate-General for Environment, European Commission


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