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Rebuilding greener! Maximising the environmental co-benefits in times of recovery

The objective for the session is to reflect on recent development in environmental mainstreaming through the lenses of the recovery and resilience process, the use of “do no significant harm principle” across sectorial policies and creation of environmental co-benefits of strategic investments. The Recovery and Resilience Facility is closely tying the economic and environmental axes in a strategic way and allowing further greening in areas of energy, infrastructure, fiscal policies, etc. With do no significant harm principle at its core, this instrument is building on the strategic vision of Green Deal and bringing clear benefits to Zero pollution strategy. 

The session would like to reflect on following questions: What are the most relevant reform and investment opportunities for Member States in times of recovery? What benefits for the economy and citizens across the EU are to be expected? How is the do no significant harm principle applied and what benefits it brings for other sectorial policies? How is the EU action fitting in the frame of a wider international context?


  • Paula Abreu Marques, Head of Unit Interinstitutional and Member States ,Directorate-General for Energy, European Commission 
  • Steven Stone, Chief, Resources and Markets Branch, Economy Division, UNEP
  • Sabine Bourdy, Head of Unit, Directorate- General for Environment, European Commission
  • Daniel Thomson, CEE Bankwatch Network


  • Marcela McAndrew

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