Session 5.2

The power of people: How can we live better, lighter and closer to nature?

In cooperation with UNEP

In a world under threat from global health concerns, economic challenges and biodiversity loss and climate change, our living and lifestyle decisions will collectively determine our future. This session will ask the big questions about how things can change. How can we better understand our decision impacts and find new ways for everyone to live better, lighter and closer to nature?  
Join UNEP and global experts as they offer insights on sustainable living and COVID19 trends, nature-based solutions that are already available and others that are still required, and how media and cultural influencers could drive the transformational changes we need. These insights will set the stage to inspire participants, highlight pathways to more sustainable living, and provide evidence and messages for action. What more could you ask for?


Lewis Akenji, Executive Director of SEED

Garrette Clark, Sustainable Lifestyles Programme Officer, UNEP

Claire Tavernier, COO of Girl Effect

Marie-Claire Graf, Co-President of Together for Sustainability

Serenella Sala, Deputy Head of Unit for the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre


Karen Coleman, Planet Podium

Our principal priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of our speakers, moderators, exhibitors and participants, and so we have been monitoring the situation concerning the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak constantly. Due to the current situation and restrictions, it has been decided that EU Green Week 2020 will be available exclusively online.

You will have the opportunity to join the EU Green Week in a new immersive virtual experience. Not only will you be able to watch all the sessions live and interact with the speakers, but you will also have the possibility to explore the exhibitions and network with the other attendants just as if you were there !
The virtual event platform will be soon open - all you have to do is to register and you will gain access to the event from your home or office.
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