Session 5.2

Synergies between the implementation of the CAP & environmental and climate legislation

In collaboration with the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission

The relevance of the environmental and climate objectives in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has grown considerably over the various reforms, with a wide range of policy instruments encouraging beneficial agricultural practices, the respect of certain rules stemming from relevant EU environmental and climate legislation and its implementation.

The recently adopted legislative proposals for the CAP after 2020 increase further the environment and climate ambition, supporting the continued transition towards a more sustainable agricultural sector.  

The national CAP Strategic Plans, in the design of their “green architecture”, based on enhanced conditionality, eco-schemes and agri-environment-climate measures, will be required to establish stronger links with the environmental and climate legislation and related national planning instruments. This should encourage synergies and coherence across policies, a more effective CAP intervention and better implementation of environmental and climate legislation.

Recording of the session


Pierre Bascou, Director of the Sustainability Directorate, Directorate-General of Agriculture & Rural Development, European Commission

Stijn Bossin, Coordinator of the Innovation Support Centre for Agriculture & Rural Development in Belgium

Aard Mulders, Subject Manager, Green Architecture NSP, Nature & Biodiversity Department, Ministry of Agriculture Nature & Food Quality, The Netherlands


Peter Baader, Senior Expert, Directorate-General of Agriculture & Rural Development, European Commission