Side session

Sustainable fertilisers – greener practices to be promoted by the upcoming Fertilising Products Regulation

In collaboration with the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, European Commission

Intensification of agriculture has greatly increased food availability over recent decades. However, this has led to considerable adverse environmental impacts, such as eutrophication of land and water bodies, greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity losses. In this workshop discussions will focus on innovative products and techniques in the field of fertilisation.

Innovative fertilising products, applied in parallel with conventional fertilisers, promise to promote an agricultural model that can “feed more with less”. A sustainable agriculture can be the key in closing the nutrient cycle in nature. EU’s future fertilisers may be, in many cases, derived from a variety of secondary raw materials -from waste to animal by-products. These fertilisers, organic or not, are both safe and efficient and can ideally serve the European Circular Economy.