Session 2.3

Steps to success for better waste management

Good waste management is a building block of the circular economy and helps prevent waste from having a negative impact on the environment and health. Proper implementation of the EU's waste legislation will speed up the transition to a circular economy.

In September 2018, the Commission adopted its ‘Report on the implementation of EU waste legislation, including the early warning for Member States at risk of missing the 2020 preparation for re-use/recycling target on municipal waste’ (COM (2018) 656 final). This Report identified key challenges that prevent full compliance and provided recommendations for how to improve waste management in countries and regions that are lagging behind.

This session will aim at presenting best practice in separate collection of municipal waste and the role of extended producer responsibility schemes - the crucial tools to enable better recycling performance.

Recording of the session


Vanya Veras, Secretary General, Municipal Waste Europe

Michele Giavini, Technical Expert, Italian Composting Association

Mario Schembri, CEO of the Maltese EPR System for Packaging, WEEE & Batteries Greenpak, and Board Member of EXPRA

Massimo Getto, Vice President & CFO, Viasat Group

Gloria Gabellini, Senior Manager, EU Public Policy, Government Affairs & Communication, PEPSIco


Katrina Sichel, Wit and Word Communications