Session 4.3

Putting matters right: how can citizens successfully stand up for green rights?

EU green laws are about protecting the public as well as nature, and the environment. They give rise to rights and obligations. Empowering the public to get access to information and bring environmental cases to the national courts is an important additional tool to ensure the correct application of EU environmental rules, because non-implementation can cause significant damage to health and the quality of air, soil and water. Based on the presentation of a number of practical examples and cases, this interactive session will look into how citizens and NGOs can take the initiative in making sure environmental legislation is applied.

Recording of the session


Barbara Metz, Deputy Executive Director, Deutsche Umwelthilfe

Anna Heslop, Wildlife Project Leader, Client Earth

Paul Speight, Head of Unit on Environmental Enforcement, Directorate-General for Environment, European Commission


Rick Thompson, Moderators Europe