Session 4.4

Protecting biodiversity and nature through a circular economy

Over half of global GDP depends on nature and the services it provides. Despite that, more than 90% of biodiversity loss and water stress come from resource extraction and processing of materials, fuels and food. A resource-efficient circular economy, by contrast, would be an important tool to halt biodiversity loss and protect nature. This spring, the Commission adopted three major policies under the European Green Deal: the Circular Economy Action Plan, the Biodiversity Strategy and the Farm to Fork Strategy. Together, they will serve as our roadmap to rebuild our economy in a resilient and green way.

This session will focus on the connection between the circular economy, biodiversity and nature, and will take a closer look at how the circular economy and the new circular economy action plan can help to halt biodiversity loss. This will be an interactive session aiming to leverage all the different perspectives and experience of the people in the room.