Closing session

On the road to Kunming

This session will reflect on the main lessons of the week, drawing conclusions from the multitude of speeches, debates and workshops that have shaped Green Week 2020. It will seek to answer the big questions that have arisen, looking for areas in which greater cooperation will deliver the protections we need to safeguard our precious natural resources.

Questions might include, Why is it so difficult to get political leaders to take biodiversity loss seriously, when natural capital plays such a fundamental role in our lives? What are the short-term priorities for action?  And what can citizens do to speed the process of change?

As the curtain comes down, participants will discuss how the EU can lead the way on protecting biodiversity, deliver the Green Deal, and pave the way to a genuinely ambitious deal for nature at the upcoming global biodiversity summit Kunming, China.



  • Inger Andersen, Executive Director, UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme)