Session 5.4

Nature and cosmetic products

In partnership with DG GROW

A high level of biodiversity is critical for the Cosmetics industry: without access to renewable supply of natural resources such as plant extracts and natural raw materials, this industry would not exist as we know it today. Production of natural raw materials is also essential in many rural communities in Europe and in the world. The recovery from the Coronavirus crisis will also be possible finding a way to ensure a sustainable use of natural resources and sustainable welfare of rural communities.

This session will showcase best practices and key case studies as regards protecting biodiversity. Presentations will be followed by world café style discussions on the sustainable use of natural resources by the personal care industry. The aim is to inspire and discuss how this industry can become a role model, contributing to the European Green Deal and supporting the post-Covid recovery.



Nancy Mahon, Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Citizenship & Sustainability, Estée Lauder

Rachel Barre, Environmental Leadership Director, L’Oreal

Thierry Roger, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Robertet

Dr Domenico Scordari, President & CEO of “Natural is Better”

Hans-Jorg Rosche, Team Leader Cosmetic Safety & Information, Biodiversity Representative, Wala Heilmittel GmbH/Dr Hauschka Skin Care