Side session

Mock trials debriefing session

As part of the Green Week partner events, virtual Moot Courts on European Environmental Law were organised by Utrecht University, Lyon Catholic University, Ghent University and the French Order of Lawyers of the Brussels Bar. All participating teams worked on the same case study which concerned the granting of a permit for the upgrading and expansion of a pig farm located within a Natura 2000 area with a protected habitat type sensitive to nitrogen deposition. The applicant NGO argued that no more pigs should be allowed in the area as long as the critical nitrogen load of the protected habitats in the area are exceeded.

During this session, students from the participating Universities and young lawyers from the Brussels Bar will share the results of their sessions with the public. The aim is to identify similarities and differences in court structures, standing and procedural rules and practice. Of particular interest is how the same legal conundrum can result in very different outcomes when debated by different legal teams before different arbitration panels.

We will looking to see how these fictional national courts implement EU law: what arguments were put on the table and what was the conclusion of each trial? The interesting thing is the comparison and how it can filter through to different results for the same case, depending at least in part on the national forum in which it is heard.


Aurel Ciobanu-Dordea, Director for Implementation & Support to Member States, Directorate-General for Environment, European Commission