Session 7.4

It’s alive! Why soil is probably the most important habitat you’ve never thought about?

Soil biodiversity is under increasing pressure from erosion, contamination, salinization and sealing. These threats, coupled with unsustainable land management, lead to negative impacts on soil biodiversity, which is essential for carbon and nutrient regulation. The species richness of earthworms, springtails and mites is an indicator of the health of the soil ecosystem. Healthy soils are key to achieve the objectives of the European Green Deal such as climate neutrality, zero pollution, sustainable food systems and a healthy and resilient environment. Ensuring that ecosystems are in a good condition is essential to secure the sustainability of economic activities and human well-being. This session will offer a broad overview of the issues at stake, looking at areas where greater efforts are required to protect and restore these soils we all depend on.


Aminda Leigh, Moderators Europe