Session 7.1

Incorporating nature in the heart of business decision-making and disclosure

In partnership with Capitals Coalition, ACCA and Deloitte

Business decisions are often based on information that excludes the relationship between nature and people. Businesses struggle to disclose and explain their impacts and dependencies on natural, social and human capital, making it difficult for investors and customers to appreciate these issues. And this is sometimes exacerbated by inadequate or insufficient regulatory/legislative environments and/or tax and market incentives. As a result, decision-making often fails to deliver sustainable prosperity.

The business ecosystem is driven by tools such as governance, financial management, performance and financial accounting, audit and tax. To better appreciate business impact and dependencies on natural capital, this roundtable will discuss opportunities for improving decision-making by business by incorporating natural capital.

In the light of the EU Green Deal and new EU Biodiversity Strategy it will also discuss and evaluate business reporting and governance tools at each point of the circular business (strategic, managerial and operational) ecosystem, and consider what more can be done, including how different economies are adapting their legislation to support the sustainability initiative, which has grown in importance in the context of the green recovery.


Sharon Machado, Head of Business Reporting, ACCA Global

Andre Jakobs, Senior Advisor Strategy & Sustainability, ABN Amro

Eric Dugeley, Global Leader Sustainability Services, Deloitte France

Sirpa Pietikäinen, Member of the European Parliament

Martin Lok, Deputy Director, Natural Capital Coalition

Thomas Verheye, Principal Adviser for Green Finance & Investments, Directorate General for Environment, European Commission