Session 4.1

EU-wide assessment of ecosystems: a baseline for the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030

In partnership with the JRC

Europe’s ecosystems face unrelenting pressures from land use and climate change, pollution, resource extraction and invasive alien species. Ensuring that ecosystems achieve or maintain a healthy state or a good condition is a key requirement to secure the sustainability of human activities and human well-being. As part of the evaluation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020, the European Commission and the European Environment Agency made an assessment of the condition of Europe’s ecosystems. It shows little evidence of significant improvements in ecosystem condition, despite reductions in pressures. Putting these ecosystems on a path to recovery will require further reductions in these pressures, better implementation of existing legislation and large-scale ecosystem restoration.

This session will showcase the results of this study, and make the case for greater efforts to protect and restore our ecosystems, allowing them to continue delivering the wide range of services that are essential to the prosperity of the European Union and the well-being of its citizens.