Session 1.3

Environmental Implementation Review: moving forward for better implementation

The Environmental Implementation Review (EIR) aims at improving implementation in the field of EU environmental policy, by identifying the causes of implementation gaps and solutions across policy sectors. Based on that diagnostic, the Commission accompanies the Member States' own actions with technical and financial support and, if necessary, with expertise underpinning structural reforms. Sufficient administrative capacity, in particular skills and expertise are necessary for ensuring good application of environmental law. Many EIR dialogues have taken place so far and the so-called TAIEX-EIR Peer-to-Peer tool accompanying the EIR has provided tailored support to Member States' authorities implementing environmental policy and legislation.
So what are the main policy findings of the Environmental Implementation Review 2019? What remains to be done? How do we ensure that EIR reports and dialogues are followed up with concrete actions? How do we improve the EIR tool in the future?


José Sá Fernandes, Deputy Mayor of Lisbon

Dr. André Weidenhaupt, Director General, Ministry of the Environment, Climate & Sustainable Development, Luxembourg

Laura Burke, Director General, Irish Environmental Protection Agency


Aurel Ciobanu Dordea, Director for Implementation & Support to Member States, Directorate-General for Environment, European Commission