Session 3.1

Energy projects and environmental legislation - a circle to square?

In collaboration with the Directorate-General for Energy, European Commission

With the Clean Energy for all Europeans Package, the European Commission presented a package of measures with the goal of providing a stable framework for the clean energy transition towards 2030. There are significant investments needed in areas such as production, storage and distribution of energy.  The TEN-E regulation was designed to help overcome some of the key barriers that were identified as slowing or preventing, the development of European wide energy infrastructure.

How do we align the safeguards in the Strategic Environmental Assessment directive, Environmental Impact Assessment directive and the Habitats directive with measures to ensure the necessary changes in the energy system in line with the EU 2030 targets and the EU 2050 long-term strategy? How do we make sure that the safeguards are not used as a pretext to block necessary projects?

The session will share best practises and experiences with previous projects.