Session 6.3

Cleaning the air, cutting industrial emissions

This session will explore lessons learned and ways forward for better implementation of clean air and industrial emissions policies. It will showcase some best practices and collect ideas for improvement. Practitioners will be interviewed about their experiences, e.g. of how to bring relevant actors to the table for better cooperation, how to use facts to build awareness, how setting EU standards promotes environmental improvement and how EU funding can trigger innovation that in turn can lead to new and improved emission standards and an improved clean air policy. In between these micro-interviews, the audience will be invited to participate and add examples and innovative ideas.

Recording of the session


Aneta Willems, Head of Unit Industrial Emissions & Safety, Directorate-General for Environment, European Commission

Katia Raffaelli, Project Manager of LIFE IP PREPAIR, Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy

Jakub Achrer, Head of Unit for Non-Combustion Plants & Deputy Director of the Air Protection Department, Czech Republic Ministry of Environment

Prof. Filip Meysman, Department of Biology – Ecosystem Management Research Group, University of Antwerp

Aliki Kriekouki, Technical Officer for Industrial Production, European Environmental Bureau (EEB)

Tom Boonen, Environmental Policy Adviser, Spatial Development, Environmental Planning & Projects Division, Government of Flanders

Jean-Pierre Debruxelles, Senior Policy Executive at FuelsEurope, representing the Industrial Emissions Alliance

François Wakenhut, Head of Unit Clean Air, Directorate-General for Environment, European Commission


Peter Woodward, Quest Associates


Cleaning the air