Session 7.3

Biodiverse cities and regions post Covid-19

In partnership with the Committee of the Regions

The pandemic of Covid-19 showed us that direct and indirect human-induced biodiversity loss and degrading ecosystem services destroys the system that supports human life. The more biodiverse an ecosystem is, the more difficult it is for a pathogen to spread rapidly or dominate. Loss of biodiversity provides an opportunity for the spread of zoonotic diseases.
Investing in biodiversity protection and conservation is, therefore, a strategic investment both in the long-term as a preventive measure to feature pandemics and epidemics; but also in the short-term as a socio-economic recovery measure.

This session shares the successful EU cities and regions already committed to halt biodiversity loss and ecosystem services degradation, especially after Covid-19. It is also an invitation to hear from EU cities and regions on their long-term goals and vision for 2030 on biodiversity.