The Green Consumer

The Green Consumer, partner event of GreenWeek 2019: and what if being close to your customers meant offering them responsible and sustainable consumption from the outset?

This initiative came about from a simple meeting between The Shift and VIA Belgium during which the impact of the eco-voucher was broached. The eco-voucher has achieved its objective: €1 of eco-voucher spent saves 1kg CO2, or 230,000 tonnes of CO2 saved (CO2 Logic)! The studies prove it: It charts the course to a more sustainable behaviour. Furthermore, every other buyer assumes that he would not have bought a sustainable product if he did not have an ad hoc budget! So there is a real impact – QED.

hat is not enough for us, however, because the stakes are far higher. It is a matter of overall lifestyle, not a vision per product.

We consequently tackled the issue by involving all the stakeholders: the institutional world and the business world.

“Customer centricity”. This is a term that everyone that works in the world of business from near or far likes to have on his slides. We speak of customer centricity in connection with process, product and service. It is more important, however, (and this was the reason for our Green Consumer roundtables) to be really close to the needs of our customers. Our customers are up against major challenges and being closed to them means having empathy. In other words, addressing them no longer from our perspective but from theirs; becoming aware that their life is not simple, that too many people are struggling to make ends meet at the end of the month, and that the system imprisons them in a predatory marketing from which they cannot wrest themselves. Empathy means understanding that a guilt-apportioning attitude will get you nowhere, and your head in the sand even less. The paths we have mentioned combine a more encouraging positive behaviour approach with a more restrictive negative behaviour approach. But they all have one thing in common, taken individually but especially all together, and that is of getting the current business model to move forward on the way to its necessary transformation little by little: responsible, sustainable and, naturally, profitable.

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The Shift & VIABelgium

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Brussels, Belgium

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Conference, Panel Discussions Format,


17/05/2019 - 17/05/2019


Citizen's engagement, Consumer behaviour,

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Students, Local or regional authorities, NGOs, Business sector, Press/Media,

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