Study visit of the MOLOC project in Lille

MOLOC stands Low Carbon Morphology. The goal of our project, supported by Interreg Europe, is to find solutions to develop our cities while ensuring high quality of life for our inhabitants. 5 cities from 5 different countries, together with Energy Cities, will gather 3 days in Lille to get inspired from local projects and exchange on energy policies, sustainable urban planning, development of nature-based solutions for climate resilience.

During three days, the partners of the MOLOC project the cities of Torino, Hamburg, Katowice, Suceava and the Energy Cities network gathered in the City of Lille for study visits and exchange session on challenges and solutions to create a low-carbon city.

The partners presented their main projects within the MOLOC project:

  • Torino : integration of environmental and energy efficiency requirements in the revised master plan metropolitan
  • Katowice: Actions against air pollution in Silesia with a focus on measures in Katowice
  • Suceava: electric public transports development
  • Hamburg: elaborating a climate protection plan for the district of Altona, in relation with the city climate plan 2030

The City of Lille presented its expertise on:

  • brownfields renewal : the urban projects of Fives-Cail, Saint-Sauveur and Euralille
  • energy retrofit of private owned houses : “Habiter 2030” project, work of “La Fabrique des Quartiers”
  • energy transition project at district scale: “LiveTree” project by the Lille Catholic University
  • metropolitan ambitions to integrate renewable energies in the urban heat district network: the Lille network will be supplied by burnt waste in 2020

The partners underlined:

  • The capacity of the City of Lille to look at all aspects to build urban project master plan: urban morphology, demographic, social, economic, energy, environment in holistic approach
  • The involvement of citizens for the design of urban projects
  • As the other cities of the partnership, the most important challenges faced regarding the low carbon city are not technical or financial but rather administrative: finding the right governance for such transversal projects

A study visit report will be produced and uploaded as soon as possible!




City of Lille

Organisation type:

Local or regional authority,


Lille, France

Event type:

Conference, Study visit, Peer-to-peer reviews and best practices sharing event,


27/05/2019 - 29/05/2019


Energy and climate, Nature and Biodiversity, Sustainable urban planning,

Target audience:

Research community/Academia, Local or regional authorities, NGOs,

Contact details:

Aurelien Parsy
Phone: 33671717194