Semaine Etudiante du Développement Durable

The Semaine Etudiante du Développement Durable (SEDD) is an annual event that celebrates the engagement of students and academia for sustainable development. First launched in 2015, the SEDD is organized by the REFEDD, Réseau Français des Etudiants pour le Développement Durable, a network of more than 100 French student associations dedicated to sustainable development. Its main goal is to highlight students' engagement toward sustainabe developement and to raise awareness about sustainable development on university campuses, through the Sustainable Development Goals, defined by the UN in 2015. Events can be organized by students, student associations, universities, institutions, NGOs... Events are then registered on the SEDD website. The SEDD takes place on the first week of April, but events can be registered as "SEDD events" from March 18th to April 21st. The REFEDD provides helps with logistics, communication, as well as a financial help for student and student association organizers. Last year, more than 400 events were registered.



Visuels SEDD

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Organisation type:

Student body/association,


Paris, France

Event type:

Awareness-raising activity, Conference, Exhibition, Fair, Festival, Peer-to-peer reviews and best practices sharing event,


18/03/2019 - 21/04/2019


Air quality, Circular economy, Citizen's engagement, Energy and climate, Governance, Green finance, Green jobs, Training and education, Mobility, Quality of life, Nature and Biodiversity, Waste, Water,

Target audience:

Students, Research community/Academia,

Contact details:

Nina Marchais
Phone: 33149966530