Raul Timis in #EuGreenWeek

Raul Timis in #EuGreenWeek is a public awareness event that tries to bring to the attention of all citizens in the areas that cross the river Timis, the media and local authorities about the pollution and irreparable damage to the fauna and flora, which has been happening for over 10 years. This event is a transfer of information from citizens to the EU and from the EU to citizens. This way, the voice of common people can be heard, and on the other hand, citizens will be informed about EU laws and how those can be applied in our case.  The  Timis River that is polluted from Lugoj to Serbia and back to Romania can be saved. The three-day event includes a press conference, a door-to-door campaign with a survey and informative leaflets.






Uniunea Salvati Romania / USR

Organisation type:

Local or regional authority,


Lugoj, Jabar, Ficatari, Racovita - Romania

Event type:

Awareness-raising activity, Open door day, Networking event,


13/05/2019 - 15/05/2019


Quality of life, Waste, Water, Implementation of legislation,

Target audience:

General public/families, Local or regional authorities, Press/Media,

Contact details:

Stefania Schiop
Email: stefaniaschiop89@gmail.com
Phone: 40770541792