Net Zero Energy retrofits

Best practice showcase for the Net Zero Energy house renovation completed within three weeks without the residents needing to move out and the solution comes with both the indoor climate and the energy performance. The renovation is paid for by the money that would normally be spent on energy bills. So the residents get a better, more comfortable house without any additional monthly costs. The event will give a live action demonstration of the house energy transition in Nijmegen Netherlands.

This #EUgreenweek partner event is a walk & talk around at the Net Zero Energy (NZE) makeover project 132 houses in suburb Meijhorst city Nijmegen Netherlands.

The Net Zero House makeover generates as much energy as is needed for heating the house, providing hot water and power its household appliances. This can be achieved by using new technologies such as prefabricated facades, insulated rooftops with solar panels, and smart heating and cooling installations.

The NZE standard makes a house not just look like a new-build home; it actually has better quality and life expectancy as a new house. Participants will also take a look inside NZE houses at the project area Meijhorst Nijmegen.

1. Students from HAN University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Social Studies visiting the Net Zero Energy project looking for the social impact on human behavior when homes are retrofits.

2. How Net Zero Energy retrofit is done by Dura Vermeer, Dura Vermeer is at home in industrial construction where building expertise and infrastructure expertise meet.

3. Demo how prefab 2nd skin walls are made





Organisation type:

Zero Energy Home,


Nijmegen, Netherlands

Event type:

Awareness-raising activity, Open door day, Guided tour,


15/04/2019 - 30/04/2019


Citizen's engagement, Energy and climate, Quality of life,

Target audience:

Students, General public/families, Local or regional authorities, Press/Media,

Contact details:

Geert Elemans