LIFE SWEAP Customs Training

The Shipment of Waste Enforcement Actions Project (SWEAP) project is co-funded by the European Commission LIFE fund and co-ordinated by the IMPEL Network. In order to contribute to the circular economy package, waste management principles and targets and disrupt, detect and prevent illegal waste trafficking, this project aims to expand the members taking part in and benefiting from the project, increase the capacity of the various actors in the enforcement chain, intensify the collaboration, inspections and enforcement actions, develop and demonstrate innovative tools and technology and establish a EU wide dataset based on inspection data and used for the development of intelligence products.  This dedicated customs training aims to build the knowledge among customs officers dealing with the import and export of shipments of waste. Customs officers play a specific role in checking waste shipments across borders. They also have access to critical information needed to create an overall dataset for targeting inspections and performing risk assessments. Currently not all national customs services in the EU member states are active when it comes to compliance checking of waste shipment regulations. In total, 5 regional Customs training will be delivered throughout the LIFE SWEAP project – this being the first one.




LIFESWEAP programme


European Union Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law (IMPEL)

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Professional network or association,


Tallinn, Estonia

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Awareness-raising activity, Training,


07/05/2019 - 09/05/2019


Waste, Implementation of legislation,

Target audience:

Local or regional authorities,

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Nancy Isarin