Let’s design sustainable green spaces! A Green City accreditation point system training course

As landscape designers, contractors and maintenance professionals, it is crucial that we design and build green spaces that cooperate with nature, enhance the natural qualities of the site, so that in return nature can also support the long-term life of the designed space. The 2-day training course aims to give an overview about sustainability in a complex approach.

At the heart of the design is the integration of these six areas: water cycle, soil, biodiversity, human needs, use of materials, energy needed to build and maintain the design. The Green City Sustainability Accreditation Point System is a method to assess the degree of integration of these areas – that is the sustainability of the project. Green City Hungary is promoting an approach to green space design, contracting and maintenance that goes beyond keeping the rules and applying legislation. We are not an organization that has much direct influence to create laws, but we know that for a liveable city with sustainable green spaces we must integrate several aspects present in different laws and regulations that may be coexistent but unaware of each other. So, in our approach applying environmental legislation is the first step, however, it is not enough! To bring about a change in professional thinking, we took the initiative and created a point system that serves as a guideline to design and build green spaces that are not only decorative but are consciously multifunctional. In other words they give the most thorough solution to the design brief and the problems of the site, tackling water management and soil health, being a refuge for wildlife, creating healthy spaces for people and conserving energy during building and maintenance works. At our training we will share the details of the Green City Sustainability Accreditation Point System and our insights encouraging the participants to take the initiative and use this holistic approach throughout their projects to create lasting and sustainable value in the urban environment.






Green City Hungary

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Small not-for-profit enterprise,


Budapest, Hungary

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17/04/2019 - 18/04/2019


Air quality, Circular economy, Energy and climate, Quality of life, Nature and Biodiversity, Spatial planning, Waste, Water, Implementation of legislation, Sustainability, Urban green spaces,

Target audience:

Local decision makers, Landscape designers and planners, Landscape contractors,

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Patrícia Szabó
Email: szabo@green-city.hu