Less Words, More Actions

To create a circular economy society, we need a new kind of expertise, co-operation between different stakeholders, development of the operating environment and a general change in attitudes and operating methods. Professionals, experts and decision makers have been playing a decisive role in building a new future for our ancient country where is very important to develop the new methods in educational system and find the new rules to manage science for better development innovation and high-tech. Georgian manufacturers and other stakeholders should find the new design and create the new products that are easy to share, lease, reuse, while using the regenerative resources and renewable energy. Our goal is to minimise waste and to keep products and resources in the economy for as long as possible. Ideally, this win-win approach benefits both the economy and the environment of Georgia and it's a perfect possibility to make our country closer to the EU. Therefore, one of the most important tasks of our institute nowadays is to build awareness and interest in circular economy principles and activities between students and young professionals at first.


Circular Economy Club Batumi

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Batumi, Georgia

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16/05/2019 - 17/05/2019


Air quality, Circular economy, Citizen's engagement, Energy and climate, Green jobs, Training and education, Green procurement, Nature and Biodiversity,

Target audience:

Children (<18), Students, Research community/Academia, Local or regional authorities, NGOs, Business sector, Press/Media,

Contact details:

Gocha Goguadze
Email: cec.batumi@gmail.com
Phone: +995 599 302708