Le Pays de l'Or, un territoire vertueux pour l'environnement

Pays de l'Or Agglomeration is involved in environment protection and proposes for the Green Week 2019 edition a serie of events for all. Several kinds of events are proposed: Nature guided tours, organic farming trainings, seminars, conferences.   The community implements several public policies as waste management, water quality, energy efficiency, air quality, food and local agriculture. Some of these policies result from European directives and regulations such as the European Water Framework Directive,  the European strategy for green infrastructures, the European Waste Framework directive, the Energy Efficiency Directive. Therefore, there is strong link between the action of the Pays de l'Or Agglomeration and the European Union.





Pays de l'Or Agglomération

Organisation type:

Local or regional authority,


Mauguio, France

Event type:

Awareness-raising activity, Training, Conference, Seminar, Guided tour,


13/04/2019 - 09/06/2019


Air quality, Circular economy, Energy and climate, Quality of life, Nature and Biodiversity, Waste, Water,

Target audience:

Children (<18), Students, Research community/Academia, General public/families, Local or regional authorities, Press/Media,