Knowing the Millars river through social engagement

The event consists in various activities: walking tours through the Millars river, a bird ringing session, a reforestation, and a shore ecosystem's assessment. The aim of these activities is to approach the natural values of the Millars river to the population of Almassora, specially the youngsters, through making them active actors in its conservation. The event also serves to explain how the conservation policies and laws have helped to preserve this natural environment and its values.

- 13th May: Reforestation of the riverside area of the Millars river
The reforestation was made with the help of students from a local High School (IES Álvaro Falomir), who were in total 14 students. We planted together a total amount of 20 Ulmus minor trees, that were donated by the Spanish Ministery of Agriculture. During the activity we proceeded to make the holes, plant the trees, prepare the soil, irrigate the trees twice, and cover the soil with leafs in order to help keeping soil's moisture. The pictures attached and numbered from 1 to 4 correspond to this activity.

- 14th and 15th May: Walking through the river
This activity corresponds to a walking tour through the river with school-age children, departing from the city centre and arriving to the dam located at Santa Quiteria church, 3 kilometres from the city centre. The whole walking goes next to the river, at the riverside, where the children can see the importance of biodiversity and its preservation through the Natura 2000 network, and the value of a natural area like the Millars river. A total amount of 70 children took part in this activity during the two days in which it was developed. The pictures 5 to 8 correspond to this activity.

- 16th May: Millars river's mouth and a deltaic ecosystem
This activity is developed at the mouth of the Millars river, which forms a delta with three channels and two "islands", despite the only active channel is the southern one. During this walking, the children can see the sedimentary dynamics of a river, and the high biodiversity of this area in which a lot of different species of birds (some of them endangered and protected) anc be seen. This area is also a conflictive area regarding to land uses, because of the historical use of the "islands" as residential areas, that now is forbidden and slowly decreasing. This activity was followed by a total amount of 25 children. Unfortunately we don't have photos of this activity.

- 17th May: Coastwatch
This activity is developed at the beach, where a group of school-age children participate in an assessment of the status of our shore. During this activity, the beach is walked in different groups, while some data is took (such as biodiversity found, litter and garbage...) and the beach is also cleaned. This activity helps children to raise awareness about the importance of reducing the use of plastics and making a right disposal of them using the waste management facilities, together with the importance of preserving marine biodiversity. This activity was followed by a total of 14 students, and the pictures 9 and 10 correspond to this activity.



Ajuntament d'Almassora

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Local or regional authority,


Almassora, Spain

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Awareness-raising activity, Guided tour,


13/05/2019 - 17/05/2019


Nature and Biodiversity, Citizen's engagement, Water,

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Susana Sorli
Phone: 34964560001