Importance of vegetation in rising of air and environment quality in cities

Within European Initiative Green Week 2019 we organized on April 29th, 2019 an event named Importance of vegetation in improvement of quality of air and environment in big cities. Organiser of this event was Institute of Landscape Ecology SAS established in Bratislava. Event took place in nursery at Macharova Street, Bratislava. Approximately 40 preschool children participated on this event. They competed in creation of projects with environmental topic. The aim of event was to, by using examples and in playful form, teach children how to take responsibility for condition of their environment. Children used various techniques like drawing, cutting, bonding etc. to create pictures capturing pros and cons of life in big city. Each child presented its project to others and by telling “stories about city” they were speaking about what will happened if “people will be polluting water and air, killing animals, putting trash to nature, setting fire, cutting trees, building high smouldering chimneys that prevent people to breathe etc.” However, on the other side, they presented their ideas about “wonderland” in which “will be no pollution” or “everything will be green and there will be blooming trees and flowers everywhere, there will be bees on flowers making honey, birds will be singing, sun will be shining, animals will be happy and people will be smiling.

At the end of event, we evaluated projects and all participants were awarded. It is important to teach children from young age to acquire ecological reasoning and habits in landscape and cities. Events like this can contribute to that.

We hope that future events of European Green Week will be as successful as this year´s and will bring new ideas about improvement of environmental awareness of citizens.



Institute of Landscape Ecology, SAS

Organisation type:



Bratislava, Slovakia

Event type:

Awareness-raising activity,


29/04/2019 - 29/04/2019


Air quality, Nature and Biodiversity, Implementation of legislation,

Target audience:

Children (<18),

Contact details:

Milena Moyzeova