Green Infrastructure: Their Role in Air Pollution Abatement

This webinar is part of a broader series aiming to bring together global experts to discuss and share best practice around passive mitigation of air pollution in the built environment. In this particular webinar, the role of Green Infrastructure will be the focus, with European and U.S. speakers discussing the role of trees, hedges, green roofs and green walls as passive techniques for air pollution mitigation when integrated within urban design. This event is relevant for students, the research community, public bodies who are responsible for urban design and management, and government officials who can support urban greening initiatives. Please visit the following site for further details of the broader programme:



Trinity College Dublin

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Dublin, Ireland

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Awareness-raising activity, Air quality, Spatial planning,


30/05/2019 - 30/05/2019


Students, Research community/Academia, Local or regional authorities, Press/Media,

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Local or regional authorities, Business sector,

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John Gallagher
Phone: 3318961638